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Ostomy component manufacture is no small feat. Having an in-depth understanding of the components required to improve quality of life for stoma care patients is only half the solution. Transforming these ideas into working prototypes and then manufactured products requires medical device manufacturers to adhere to strict quality standards which is where the complication lies. Sticking to these standards should in-turn, result in end user trust and customer loyalty.

the problem

A client approached us in need of assistance. They required additional expertise and compacity to allow them to produce a variety of stoma bag components they needed for a new and innovative stoma bag that they were launching. They had done the product research and development but had yet to tackle the manufacturing process innovation required to make these prototypes a reality. Items needed included a laminated hydrocolloid wafer and various drainable bag components.

the solution

We were able to work with the client to create a multi-laminate die-cut process which resulted in a complete hydrocolloid wafer, which was packed and ready for distribution. We were also able to offer our medical tape conversion expertise to convert reams of material into hook and loop fasteners for drainable stoma bags.

the Result

Utilising our expertise allowed us to simplify what could have been a complex in-house multi-line manufacturing process and provide the client with finished product that was ready for the next step within their manufacturing process. They were able to raise orders and call off stock as required, saving them on valuable space both from manufacturing lines and stock management thereafter.

The client was also able to eliminate internal resource struggles as purchasing, manufacturing and logistics were now dealt with externally. This enabled more strategic focus on resource and aided the company in growth whilst always ensuring the end-user confidence was intact due to the trusted, high-quality ostomy components that were manufactured on their behalf.

Alongside the manufacture of these components, the client was also able to benefit from the additional R&D expertise that PolarSeal have to offer. Members of the PolarSeal team have been manufacturing a variety of medical device components for the past 25 years of their careers and are able to overcome most manufacturing challenges that they come across. Whether they required advice, research & development or new material, PolarSeal were able to advise on a solution that kept them ahead of their competition.

The final outcome was the manufacturing security now secured by the client. PolarSeal have two manufacturing sites within the UK, both fitted out with medical focused clean manufacturing areas and dedicated clean rooms that can be used as appropriate.

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