Tube Filling Capabilities of PolarSeal


As a business that specialises in medical manufacturing, we guide our customers through the entire product implementation process of fluid-based wet medical devices. Starting from concept to high volume production of tube filling for global distribution, our medical-specific focus remains on our dedication to details and highest quality for our customers. Coupled with our extensive medical certifications including ISO13485 and FDA registration, we ensure that your product is filled accurately and to the required standard. 

the problem

Already utilizing our advanced wound care manufacturing capabilities, our client needed to expand their product portfolio, whilst simplifying manufacturing strategy to also offer a fluid-based medical device. They required a wound gel and presented us with the challenge of creating the formulation, then manufacturing and tube filling. Using our pre-established supply networks, we were asked to source chemicals, mix heat and tube the gel into several sizes of tube thereafter. 

the solution

Our in-house specialists Research & Development team were able to create a formula and specify the materials needed for the wound gel to be effective in it’s use. 

the Result

Our team were able to source all materials needed for the wound gel. They were also able to collaborate with chemists to adjust the formulation slightly, removing the need to heat the mix prior to tubation, and ultimately saving cost. Once the development was signed off, we were able to source tubes and packaging, and begin the manufacture of fluid-based wound care devices in-house. This was complimented with the use of our distribution service, executing delivery in an effective and timely fashion on a global scale.

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