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As a healthcare manufacturer, we strive to provide full end-to-end solutions, optimising client output and end-user delivery. We differentiate ourselves by enabling those who present complex cases with simplified, qualitative, quantitative and unique medical products structured to fit their requirements. This vision has allowed us to service hundreds of clients, all with different yet positive outcomes.

the problem

The construction of a wound care product was requested that requires a highly expensive material layer, preventing the healthcare provider to position themselves in a highly competitive market. The intended goal was to reduce the cost of the wound dressing, which in turn would allow them to gain more market share in an aggressively priced environment. Ultimately, the outcome would be to improve profitability and most importantly provide value for their most valued asset, the end-user.

the solution

We insist on a high level of communication with our clients, ensuring we provide all that is required to the finest of details. From relentless research and pre-established & existing supply chains we were able to identify and source several materials at a much lower cost, bringing the price per unit down considerably.

When combined together these materials worked in the same way as the current product, achieving the overall goal which is to provide a cost effective solution without jeopardising quality.

Our extensive number of production lines and cleanrooms meant that we were able to meet mass volume requirements set by the client with quality being overseen by highly skilled and trained operators.

the Result

We confidently produced a final product with a reduction in cost which resulted in the selling price being lowered which lead to an increased market share, increased profit margins and end user value.

We aim to provide the ultimate solution to enable our client to enter the market and provide high quality products at competitive pricing whilst performing high volume device manufacturing.

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