Outsourced Operations and the Future of Healthcare

outsourced operations

PolarSeal offers outsourced operations: they have the ability to bring machinery in-house, they then set it up in one of their production areas or a cleanroom. They use their experienced operators or upskill them if required. They then run the entire manufacturing, packing and distribution for the client. While the process may sound relatively simple, getting to the ‘why’ of outsourcing can sometimes be tricky. 


Why outsource?

You may not have even considered outsourcing before. As you are aware, the medical device sector is all about precision. Making sure everything is precise, ordered, and produced properly is a big job, and oftentimes the instinct kicks in to just ‘do it yourself’ when manufacturing medical products. After all, you’ve designed a product, you’ve made prototypes – it just feels like it should be your responsibility to make sure that you monitor every part of the manufacturing process too, right?

However, keeping manufacturing in your company’s ambit can squander time, money, and energy that can be better spent elsewhere. Many companies whose main job is not manufacturing, may already be running behind the competition. While other medical device companies are ahead of the curve in keeping up to date with industry trends, these other companies may already be on the back foot, struggling to keep up. Manufacturing is, to all intents and purposes, a whole new industry outside of designing and engineering medical devices. It has different goals, requirements, regulations, and costs. Companies attempting to manufacture by themselves simply may not have the resources to mass-produce a competitive product in-house, not to mention having to find the capital for and build their own ISO7 cleanroom to produce the medical products they want.


What can be gained?

Outsourcing operations to a company like PolarSeal is kind of like opening up a brand new wing of your business. You get all the benefits of having an experienced, highly competent group of medical device manufacturers and their cutting-edge equipment without having to oversee any day-to-day operations. Polarseal have a vast amount of experience across a variety of categories within medical device manufacturing, including wound care, fixation devices, electro-medical, continence and ostomy components, surgical films, diagnostic production, consumer healthcare products, wearable medical devices, PPE production and liquids.

In providing your machinery and simply using the facilities and expertise of an experienced CMO, your product can benefit from the years of fine-tuning and perfecting a process that was designed specifically for producing medical devices . All you need to do is place an order and allow your partner company to handle all the production details from material selection to purchasing, to storage, to manufacturing and dispatching.


What are some other benefits?

You can also benefit from the diversity of machinery and medical manufacturer thought-leaders through your partner and thus have an easier time conceptualizing and prototyping new and improved products with PolarSeal’s assistance.

An outsourced operation for manufacturing can be a massive asset for your business should you choose to use one – not only benefitting from efficient timelines and high-output productivity, but also from the wealth of knowledge and experience that comes from such a partner. If you are interested in outsourcing some production operations, get in touch with PolarSeal today!

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