Meet Anna, our Adminstrations Manager

Anna, Our Administrations Manager

What do you do at PolarSeal?

I am the Administrations Manager. My focus is to improve processes and stream-line them to be as efficient as possible. I also liaise between our internal team and external suppliers to regularly place raw material orders, essentially making sure everything is in the right place at the right time. In between those duties, I also carry out improvements to many of our internal systems to make everyone’s lives a little easier too. 

Tell us about your polarseal journey so far

I joined the company in 2014 as an Admin Assistant. My main duties were to process sales invoices, answer the phone and help to manage internal staff events. The responsibilities within my role grew with time, to include me also placing orders as well as processing orders received by clients.

A few years ago, we made the decision to implement a new ERP system. I began this by conducting research and once we had agreed on the provider, I got heavily involved in the system design and implementation thereafter. I moved away from order processing during this time and my role progressed into me being the manager of all admin responsibilities. I still do a little processing from time to time, but luckily now mainly just proof other people’s work.

How were you supported through your role(s)?

When I started my role, I had a comprehensive handover which was then followed by support from my manager. She has always been there to support me as I progressed throughout our department! I’ve had numerous training opportunities external to PolarSeal too, which have proved useful to my personal development. There is also always someone on hand to double check work and be a sounding board for any ideas we may have which is reassuring to have. 

why have you stayed at polarseal?

The team spirit and culture in PolarSeal is great. Everyone is relaxed which makes for a friendly working atmosphere too. Staff are always willing to help and try new ideas too – I appreciate being able to test out these new ideas on a regular basis and the solution finding from these challenges are always rewarding – I do enjoy problem solving!

why should someone join polarseal?

I know I’ve already mentioned it, but the team spirit is fantastic, and you’ll feel welcomed. The business is also going through a significant period of growth which means there are plenty of opportunities to progress too, which is great for personal development.

what's one of your PROUDEST MOMENTS working with polarseal

One of my proudest achievements has to be our last stock take. We worked hard to prepare for the task ahead of us and it meant we were able to shave 1.5 days off our usual stock take time allocation – no small feat! The team had such a great sense of achievement after this was conducted, we were all so proud of what we had achieved.

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