Meet Andrada, our Quality Inspector

Andrada, Our Quality Inspector

What do you do at PolarSeal?

I’m one of the Quality Inspectors. My responsibilities include inspecting the product multiple times a day across batch runs and ensuring operators stick to / are up-to-date on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). I also carry out material validation, and handle enquiries from staff that relate to quality.

Tell us about your polarseal journey so far

I joined the company as a Machine Operator in January 2020. A few months later, a position arose for a Quality Inspector so I applied for the role and here I am! I applied for the role as I wanted to challenge myself and learn something new. 

How were you supported through your role(s)?

I have a lot of training for this role. Having never worked in quality before, the team have worked very closely with me to teach me everything they know before allowing me to have my own responsibilities within the business. I’m now a year into the role and the team are always happy to support me and answer or help me solve any issues that may arise. It’s a really varied role which sees me talking to multiple departments everyday so I’m always picking up on any issues across the company and helping to find solutions for these too.

why have you stayed at polarseal?

I love the people I work with. Machine Operators, Managers and Directors alike are always happy to help and support you with any questions or requests you may have. PolarSeal are also flexible with me and are supportive whilst I raise my young family. If I need the odd day off for family reasons, this is absolutely fine which is really reassuring to have in an employer. 

why should someone join polarseal?

Having worked in other factories, the working conditions at PolarSeal are much better, with opportunities to learn how to operate multiple machines and progress into other departments too if you want it. I have encouraged and referred many family friends to join as PolarSeal treat all staff very well. Machine Operators get 2 breaks a day, get a decent wage and offer flexible shift hours in the morning or afternoon too.

what's one of your favourite memories working with polarseal

I have so many! One of my favourite moments has to be when it last snowed here in Carlton. The staff all went outside and had an office wide snowball fight in the car park – everyone had a good laugh and this sums up the culture here at PolarSeal. We always work hard but all love a good laugh too. There are always team members smiling or laughing when you walk across the sites, something very rare to find when working in a manufacturing site.

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