What is a flexible material converter?

What is a flexible material converter

If you’re reading this blog you may be at the beginning of your product discovery journey, and seeking knowledge around the process of flexible material converting and looking to understand what you can expect from your converter. A simple explanation of a flexible material converter is the process of transforming a flexible material from one form to another, such as converting a roll of flexible material into sheets or converting a flexible material into a specific shape. This can include converting a roll of plastic film into bags, a roll of adhesive into labels or converting a roll of fabric into clothing. The specific type of flexible material converter will depend on the materials being used and the desired end product., A flexible material converter may also combine 2 or more materials to create a component ready for integration into your design, or a product ready to market. A flexible material converters capabilities can range from slitting and cutting right through to lamination, printing and packaging


Behind every flexible material converter there is far more than just a combination of materials . . . the process involves state-of-the-art equipment, high quality materials and unrivalled knowledge around processes, material combinations and compatible substrates to enable your products success. The capability to combine these key factors to create complex and innovative solutions is what makes an outstanding converter. To remain at the forefront of flexible material converting a manufacturer must consistently invest in innovative technologies and nurture relationships with a world leading supply chain.  


A flexible material converter strives to drive-down client spend on materials, tooling and distribution and often, to provide in-house manufacturing solutions, working with high end supply partners to ensure the most efficient, secure process for you.


What markets do a flexible material converter serve?

Flexible material converters aid all kinds of markets ranging from automotive, electronic, aerospace & industrial to medical device markets and the materials that can be converted are vast. That’s why its important to understand the capabilities of your converter . . . their limitations, supply partners and in-house knowledge can have a huge impact on the success of your product.


At PolarSeal we understand the importance of selecting the right flexible material converter and through our series of upcoming blogs hope to enrich your understanding of the converters market. 

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