CBD: An exciting breakthrough in wound care

PolarSeal is a UK-based advanced wound care manufacturers

Wound care is an expensive and time-consuming area of primary healthcare.  

In 2012/13, the NHS treated 2.2 million wounds at a cost of £4.5 billion involving 40 million GP, nurse or hospital visits. 

Chronic wounds can take months, even years to heal. They are painful, odorous and can affect a patient’s mobility. People who suffer from chronic wounds experience emotional distress, disrupted sleep, embarrassment and social isolation. 

So, a breakthrough in wound treatment has the potential to significantly improve patients’ lives plus reduce the financial burden on healthcare providers. Just such a breakthrough is being led by an expert in this field and their novel approach of using cannabis extracts in wound treatment.  


CBD’s wound-healing properties 

A normal wound goes through several stages before being completely healed. However, chronic wounds stop healing and get stuck in the inflammation stage. The cannabis-extract, CBD, is a cannabinoid well-documented as having anti-inflammatory properties. 

Because of its lipophilic nature, CBD isn’t readily absorbed through the skin, which is hydrophilic. However, wounds are also lipophilic meaning the CBD has an easier route into the body. Experts explain: “…the very molecules that are anti-inflammatory in the cannabis extract are going to be able to be absorbed rapidly into a wound bed.” 

So, CBD is more effectively absorbed into the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is present in the skin, where it has its therapeutic effect. 


Leading the world in wound care innovation

PolarSeal is a leading wound care manufacturer, with global recognition in developing specialist dressings including those with natural active ingredients. Working with plant extracts, such as CBD, can pose additional challenges for incorporating the ingredient into the dressing without affecting the potency of the extract. These challenges often require pioneering solutions. Take PolarSeal’s success in producing a Manuka honey-infused wound dressing. 

Like CBD, Manuka Honey is a natural healer with bacteria-fighting properties. And like CBD, honey also presents similar challenges in sourcing a reliable and consistent raw ingredient. Plus working with novel ingredients sometimes requires creating new and unique processes. The client’s honey concept was taken from idea to market by PolarSeal. We worked directly with Manuka Honey producers in New Zealand, developed a whole new and patented medical converting process and still achieved the CE mark in fast time without compromising the quality of the end product. 

PolarSeal has the expertise to make CBD wound treatment a global product:  “Having worked for the past ten years with several natural ingredients in wound care such as Manuka and Aloe vera, we are seeing an exciting future for CBD.” states John Rich, the director of PolarSeal “Initial research is progressing well and indicates a multiplicity of applications that should have a large impact on the industry.” 


If you are interested in learning about how PolarSeal can take your wound care ideas into production. Or if CBD wound dressings could be an asset to your existing wound care product portfolio, please get in touch. Our wound care experts are here to discuss your unique requirements.