tesa® 62588 hydrophilic film

tesa® 62588

Hydrophilic film for IVD products.

tesa® 62588 is a transparent PET film functionalized on one side with a non-adhesive hydrophilic coating.


Technical Data sheet

Typical Application

Securing fluid flow in capillary cell in-vitro diagnostic applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Fast and reliable fluid flow
  • Proven compatibility with many enzymes
  • Excellent aging stability
  • Reliable bonding of the hydrophilic side to tesa spacer tapes
  • Proven performance and integrity of multi-layers with tesa spacer tapes after aging
Product construction
Backing material
PET film
Type of adhesive
Thickness of tape
100 µm

Additional info

62588 versions available: PV0: without protection film PV1: with 40μm PE/PP protection film to avoid contamination
Storage and handling instructions: Shelf life: 12 months from date of coating. Avoid contact with water – material is sensitive against humidity. Protect against mechanical impacts.