Unrivalled solution with a natural healer – Manuka Honey


Manufacturing advanced wound care products incorporating Manuka Honey.

Our client required assistance with the manufacture of an advanced wound dressing integrating a complex and demanding natural product. PolarSeal took this from dream to reality and in doing so developed a whole new and patented medical converting process and a full range of related wound care products.

Being at the forefront of the innovative woundcare manufacturing market, PolarSeal was in the perfect position for leading the development of products with Manuka honey for wounds. This honey is a natural healer coming from New Zealand bee hives and has recently become a huge success in the medical arena. With bacteria fighting properties and wound healing promotion, it presents the perfect opportunity for wound care product incorporation. However, honey is a very viscous and difficult to manage product, this is increasingly difficult on a medical production line when cleanliness is absolutely vital.


PolarSeal worked with one of the finest Manuka honey producers in New Zealand to come up with the optimum production process for incorporating the Manuka honey as 100% pure product into a wound dressing, that could then be sold in the global market. Our dedicated quality and R&D team worked with our clients to ensure CE marking was achieved in the quickest time possible without impacting the exceptional quality of the dressings. Now we produce and pack these wound care products on a large scale for a number of clients around the world. We are constantly innovating the process and researching new materials to continually improve the properties and performance of these ground breaking, natural product, wound care dressings.

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