Providing fixation device solutions for global medical device companies


Global medical device companies rely on PolarSeal to provide secure, flexible, and intelligent fixation of tubes with skin-friendly adhesives. As a trusted advisor, we provide solutions to the client’s specific requirements for medical device to body fixations.  

the problem

A client required a tube holder to hold a tube firmly but also requiring flexibility when washing or moving the patient. This is a unique case and solution as it would typically require a change of tube fixation or increase risk of not using fixation when moving patients. 

the solution

Working closely with the client’s development team, our design and production engineers created a technically advanced product with the customer. The solution which we provided for them worked perfectly in the application provided by the client, successfully meeting their specific requirements.  

the Result

Our team were able to engineer a product which allows for rigid fixation for our client, meeting the unique specifications provided. Working closely alongside the client, we were able to also find a solution to manufacture an economically viable product to produce. We were also able to aid with the CE marking and patent process.