How can the correct formulation excel your brand?

The correct liquid formulation can be key in helping to improve the performance of your product. Medical liquid formulations are pharmaceutical products that are in fluid form, such as solutions, ointments, gels, pastes, emulsions, and balms. These formulations are used to deliver medical care to patients through oral, topical, or parenteral routes of administration. Examples of medical liquid formulations include;

  • Liquids
  • Pastes
  • Gels
  • Active ingredients
  • Wound care management solutions
  • Nasal gels / liquids
  • Coatings
  • Scar management gels


The process of formulating liquid medical solutions involves several steps:

  1. Selection of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API): The first step is to select the API that will be used in the formulation. This is based on the therapeutic effect that is required for the intended use.
  2. Selection of excipients: The next step is to select excipients that will be used to prepare the solution. Excipients are substances that are added to the formulation to improve its stability, solubility, and other properties. Examples of excipients include solvents, preservatives, and stabilizers.
  3. Determination of the concentration of the API: The concentration of the API in the solution needs to be determined. This is based on the therapeutic dose and the solubility of the API in the selected solvent, a trusted liquid formulator can assist in the determining the concentration of each component to maximise product efficiency whilst minimizing the cost.
  4. Preparation of the solution: The API is then dissolved in the selected solvent or a mixture of solvents to form the solution. The excipients are added to the solution as required.
  5. Packaging and potential sterilisation: If the solution is intended for parenteral administration, it needs to be sterilized to remove any microorganisms that may be present. The solution is then packaged in sterile containers, such as vials, tubes, jars or ampoules depending on the intended application, for distribution and use.

Throughout the process of formulating liquid medical solutions, it is important to ensure that the formulation meets regulatory requirements for safety, efficacy, and quality. During the process and at each stage testing and validation are carried out to ensure that the solution is stable and consistent in its composition and performance.

There are several ways a contract manufacturer can help streamline the process of liquid formulation at low cost and high volume. The use of automated equipment, such as liquid filling machines and mixers can help reduce the time and labour required for formulation. This can also help to increase accuracy and consistency in the formulation process. An experienced liquid formulator can aid in the use cost-effective ingredients and materials without compromising the quality of the formulation reducing the overall cost of production.

An experienced contract manufacturer can address your needs from formulation and development through to manufacture and packing of custom liquid dosage forms, helping to reduce waste, and improve the supply chain.  

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