Wearable Device Technology

Wearable devices are playing more of a prominent role in today’s healthcare industry. These wearables are closely linked with an evolving healthcare delivery model. With this, healthcare is now being brought to the patient wherever they may be.

The continued development of wearable medical technology within the medical industry is opening up new healthcare frontiers. Wearable technology comes in many forms, ranging from smart wristbands and watches to glasses, necklaces and patches.

‘Skin-worn patches present one path to remotely and accurately capture and monitor vital signs as well as other health information’.

The growth of wearable devices is driven by a number of factors; largely technological innovation. Social media platforms have helped to make people more aware of these technological developments, and highlighted the need to focus on the development of these wearable devices within the healthcare profession. 

Medical devices are becoming an exciting design proposition to help enhance the overall patient experience. Devices are becoming smaller and more mobile, opening up new and innovative ways for healthcare providers to interact with their patients. From performing tests, to collecting data and delivering treatments. 

Wearable technologies are not only used to monitor that of a patient’s welfare, but to also act as a method for researchers to gather data whilst running clinical trials. As well as carry out academic research. In addition to this, health and fitness wearables are also being used as clinical tools.

Wearable Device Technology

At PolarSeal we have direct involvement across a variety of sectors within the medical industry. From consumer healthcare, diagnostics, wound care, medical taped, fixation devices and much more.

PolarSeal can provide the components needed to develop wearables devices. Delivering high quality and innovative adhesive solutions drawing on over 30 years technical expertise within this specialist field. 

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