Research & Development and Rapid Prototyping

To help our customers in the early stages of design, our rapid prototyping service makes it possible to test and demonstrate products before committing to full batch production.

Medical product development planning


Our partners turn to PolarSeal for our materials and conversion expertise when the challenge is enhancing an existing product, improving product efficiencies, or uncovering a solution that helps them launch a first-to-market innovation.

Our goal is to leverage PolarSeal research and development capabilities to generate distinctive value through new, improved products and innovative ways to reduce costs or both.

Dedicated R&D Department

Prototype products are manufactured using full production machinery to ensure there is a seamless transition from prototype through to full manufacturing runs.

Our processes with any new product are intensely followed and a full Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, and Performance Qualification against a fully audited validation master plan are generated.

With extensive knowledge of materials, processes and applications, our dedicated R&D department work with customers from design conception through to final production. We create parts using the most effective materials, with the most appropriate processing techniques, be they conventional or unconventional, all to create the most effective part in form, function and presentation for our customers.

prototype design

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Technical Info

In addition to helping manage our customers’ projects from inception through to completion, our R&D department work to improve PolarSeal’s technical knowledge, including the assessment of the latest innovations in technology, machinery and materials.


PolarSeal rewind slitting
Lab Research Polarseal
medical lab worker assessing a dressing or plaster (consumer healthcare product) in their hands


In the healthcare industry, the selection of wound care devices is critical to patient treatment. With the wound care market growing exponentially every year, PolarSeal ensures that we are knowledgeable of the latest techniques and processes to ensure our customers receive the best.

Frequently ASked Questions

PolarSeal collaborates with you to manufacture a small batch of samples to assist in design verification, confirm material and adhesive selection and work on potential developments before the part goes to full manufacturing.

Following the submission of your CAD files (pdf, dxg, dwag) and part information, PolarSeal will manufacture a prototype within a couple of days. A converting expert will then collaborate to fully understand your requirements.

PolarSeal can construct cutting dies to produce prototypes with Rotary and Flat Bed Die Cutting.
  • Less expensive
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Close tolerances
  • A typical 3–4-day duration to create the tool before cutting. Depending on the complexity of the part this duration may increase.
  • Thick and hard materials are difficult to cut. This method is restricted to thinner materials.
  • Part dimension changes may require a new tool to be built.

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