Wearable Device Technology

The developing and expanding market of wearable medical devices has enabled users to conveniently monitor and track their vital signs on a daily basis.


From blood glucose levels to cardiac rhythms, the health monitoring approach has become lighter, less invasive and more effective with this revolutionary technology combined with skin friendly adhesives for easy application, repositioning and removal.

Innovative Solutions

PolarSeal can provide the components needed to develop wearable medical devices, delivering high quality and innovative stick-to-skin solutions.

PolarSeal already provides the necessary skin adhering patches in many forms as well as providing the capabilities for diagnostic devices. We work with wearable product companies and designers, taking ideas from initial concepts through to certified, packaged products that work with optimal functionality.

PolarSeal supplies medical adhesive tape surgical film and wearable technology

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Technical Info

Adhesive consideration:

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Frequently ASked Questions

PolarSeal works with you through the design and product testing process to confirm the correct adhesives to use on a wearable device from Silicone Gels to Low Trauma Hydrocolloids. We ensure the adhesive and material are:

  1. Skin-friendly
  2. Breathable (requirement dependent)
  3. Absorbent
  4. Repositionable
  5. Sterile
  6. Cooling
PolarSeal uses extensive experience in Tape Converting and Adhesives to identify the correct adhesive for your device, considering the application of the device, wear time, size and weight, and the area of application.

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