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Combining medical grade adhesives and materials to convert and manufacture cost effective consumer healthcare products.

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We know a device to skin challenges, so we take design and manufacturing into consideration, this would include compatibility, repositionability, breathability, adaptability, and wear time to name a few.

Our cleanroom facilities and production capabilities provide us with the ability to convert adhesives, tapes, films, foils, hydrogels, hydrocolloid and other skin-sensitive material. PolarSeal can assist with the co-development of consumer wound care products including material and adhesive selection, custom formulation, prototyping, contract manufacturing, and testing.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Hugely diverse applications are to be found in this healthcare market and PolarSeal has the capabilities to meet any of these needs, finding cost-effective solutions for your niche product ranges. Consumers require a wide range of personal care products including:

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Technical Info

PolarSeal utilizes our wide array of in-house capabilities to provide an all-in-one level of service for our customers. To manufacture a mass volume of consumer healthcare products with accuracy we take full advantage of:

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Frequently ASked Questions

PolarSeal provide cost-effective adhesive solutions for the high-volume manufacturing of everyday consumer healthcare products such as blister dressings, first-aid components and hydrogel dressings, no matter how niche the product specification is. With decades of experience, we understand the needs of consumers and are able to apply this knowledge into co-developing high quality components.

From understanding the market and client needs, PolarSeal assists in the manufacturing of the parts, packing & pouching and labelling on printing for customers products to be easily identifiable. PolarSeal’s capabilities enable us to aid in the development and manufacturing of cosmetic tube filling through to standard plasters and dressings. We handle the entire process from concept to delivery to help reduce the time to market for your much needed product.

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