Technical Support

Posted Fri, 27th May 2011

PolarSeal Tapes and Conversions Ltd underpins its extensive capabilities by offering customers an impressive level of technical support in all the key areas of adhesive tape converting. At the core of these is the ability to quickly and reliably offer high accuracy dimensional measurements to extreme tolerance levels.

Delivering impressive accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility our high specification 3-dimensional non-contact measurement system allows precision measurement and quality control routines to be performed with ease. Its precision 400mm x 300mm measuring stage coupled with 0.5micron resolution measuring encoders ensures system repeatability to an impressive 2 microns. Regular calibration traceable to NPL/NAMAS/NIST standards gives complete confidence in results. An array of measurement tools, including simple crosshair measurement, offset cross hair for difficult-to-find edges, manual or automatic single point detection and multi-point video edge detection ensure that setting up a pre-programmed measurement routine for a specific requirement a simple exercise.

cleanroom technology

Analysis of the measurement results can also be performed in Minitab® for statistical process control and the results can be used in order to “fingerprint” tooling in order to achieve exceptional final accuracy. Extreme magnification under fully controllable lighting conditions also facilitates detailed inspection as well as image capture of materials and parts in fantastic detail. Recent applications for this have included the examination of the edge definition of die-cut parts, registration accuracy of multilayer die-cut parts, clarity and definition of very fine print details and a comparative examination of various hook and loop fastening systems. Minitab® is a registered trademark of Minitab Inc.