General Technical Tapes, Films and Foams

Single sided tapes

Attaching, protecting, sealing and masking are perfect application examples of our wide range of single sided medical adhesive tapes.

Double sided tapes

With improved aesthetics and greater holding power, double-sided tapes are increasingly used in replacement of traditional fixing methods.

Adhesive transfer tapes

An adhesive layer coated onto a release liner creating even more opportunities for bonding two surfaces. With adhesive only, these tapes are especially useful when a thin and invisible bond is required.

Foam tapes

Foam tapes, single or double coated with adhesive, provide a variety of solutions including vibration and energy absorption alongside sound dampening and sealing. 

High bond tapes

High bond tapes are used in a wide variety of applications where seals against moisture and contaminants is critical. The high bond tapes will also conform and adhere to rough and uneven surfaces, making them a great alternative fixing solution to exterior panelling.

Hook and loop tapes

The complete range of hook and loop products to satisfy all market sectors from industrial through to medical. 

medical tapes and seals

Bespoke tapes and sealing solutions

With over 25 production lines across our 2 production facilities in the UK and with close partnerships with world leading adhesive coaters, we create, manufacture and supply bespoke tape and sealing solutions on a global scale.

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