How A Single Supplier Relationship Benefits Your Business

Posted Wed, 18th December 2019

In an increasingly competitive market, using one supplier for your ostomy bag component manufacture can benefit your business in a number of ways, including:

  • Visibility – building a close relationship with one supplier allows open and honest communication about the production process. This results in greater visibility of the entire operation and progress of your production projects.
  • Cost savings – you will pay fewer handling charges and save on delivery charges with bulk shipping from one supplier. Competitive pricing is also possible due to larger order volumes. All of this impacts the bottom line meaning your profitability can increase.
  • Better efficiency – Having a single point of contact and synergy across functions within the manufacturing process results in faster production times and eradicates the challenges often found with aligning multiple suppliers.
  • On time delivery – with one supplier, lead times and delivery plans are much clearer, ensuring there are no delays in your product manufacture, optimising your factory throughput.
  • Reduced risk – the supplier can ensure that all the components that are produced have been tested and work together to meet the specification and tolerances you require. At PolarSeal we reduce your risk further by operating two sites with dual capabilities to give you peace of mind. Our manufacturing capacity is flexible, meaning we can scale up and down to suit your needs.


PolarSeal supplies medical adhesive tape, adhesive componentry and complete products to clients in woundcare, ostomy, biomedical, surgical film and wearable technology

PolarSeal has 25 years of experience in ostomy bag component manufacture and supply and we are unique in our position as the only 100% medical focused converter in the UK, making us the perfect fit to be your sole supplier.

Talk to us about refining your supply chain today and discover our full capability in producing every ostomy bag component.