Working directly with OEM’s and its supply chain, we provide bespoke adhesive components to facilitate ease of application in the automotive industry for use in interior and exterior seals, gaskets and trims.

Automotive Electronics

We provide adhesive components for automotive electronics. This means any electrically generated systems used in road vehicles, such as: carputers, telematics and in-car entertainment systems.


We engineer sealant solutions for vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety including radio systems and vehicle tracking.

Seals and Gaskets

We offer a wide selection of tapes and adhesives that are relatively easy to handle for seals and gaskets.

Airbag Assemblies

We provide adhesives that are have reliable attachment over the life of the vehicle and provide an invisible bond for interior design.

Sound and Vibration Dampening

We engineer and develop adhesive materials and finished cut shapes to prevent sound and rattle of interior and exterior parts such and sunroof panels and handles.


We provide high performance paint masking, transport protection films and attachment and temporary protection of badges and emblems.

Interior Trim Attachments

Attaching interior trims and parts using our double sided tape products ensures a high quality look, improved performance and cost benefit over traditional fixings and mouldings.