Medical Devices

Woundcare Devices

PolarSeal is able to translate your designs from concept to reality for an almost unlimited number of woundcare products,  and medical wound supplies. PolarSeal is actively designing and manufacturing island dressings, foam adhesive dressings, silicone, hydrogel and hydrocolloid dressings, absorbent dressings and non-adhesive foam dressings.  

Fixation Devices

Our team have the resources and expertise to produce the most cost effective fixation device for any application. Products include; central line catheter, I.V cannulae lines, nasal oxygen lines, duodenal and nasal feeding tube fixation, urinary catheters fixation, eye protection during surgical procedures, endotracheal tubation, umbilical catheters and epidural catheters.

Surgical Devices and Films

Utilising a range of high-specification skin friendly polyurethane films, PolarSeal has the capabilities and a depth of experience in the production of user friendly incision films for surgical use. The use of disposable surgical drapes is recognised as a major factor in reducing post-operative infections. Products include; incision films, OP strips, bordering tapes, fixation tapes and medical self adhesive tape.

Ostomy and continence components

Specialist manufacturers of ostomy and continence devices rely on PolarSeal to provide a host of die-cut and complete multi-layer components in the manufacture of these essential products. Utilising proven materials and an extensive range of conversion techniques we provide the technical support and confidence for all your primary and secondary Ostomy componentry such as tail components, hydrocolloid flanges and rings, charcoal filters and filter covers.


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Medical material conversion


Reliable and extremely accurate membrane based diagnostic testing technology is now used by millions of patients worldwide on a daily basis. PolarSeal is fully qualified in this specialist field and can offer great flexibility in the design and construction of these specialist products include tests for blood coagulation, blood glucose, cholesterol, ischemia, heart failure, blood pressure, urinary tract infections as well as testing for ovulation and pregnancy.

Consumer healthcare

Informed customers require a wide range of personal care products, including blister dressings, foot care products and cosmetic patches. PolarSeal has the capabilities to manufacture all of these and products include; first aid dressings, podiatry, blister pads, cosmetic, aromatherapy and transdermal patches, eye patches and short term fixation devices.

Electro-medical products

Advances in electro-medical diagnostics has resulted in a huge level of demand for PolarSeal to produce self-adhesive electrode patches in a wide variety of high-specification materials. Products include; diagnostic and monitoring patches, therapeutic and grounding applications.

Medical Devices