Biomedical Products

Manufacturing and supplying innovative specialist sealing material products to the Life Science Industry, whatever the application – from sample preparation to high-throughput screening. Our Microplate sealing products are produced from stringently selected tapes, coatings and pressure sensitive adhesives, including medical and diagnostic grade tapes. The way we design, manufacture, and test these products is driven by the need for 100% quality, integrity and compliance in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical R&D and molecular biology fields into which we sell. 

Products include:

  • Micro Plate seals and laminates for drug discovery and molecular diagnostics
  • Evaporation-control films and adhesives for micro/nan fluid storage and mixing
  • Optically clear and low-autofluoresence films with chemical resistant adhesives
  • Heat seal and self adhesive options to suit a wide variety of MicroPlate materials for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Goas permeable seals, impervious to fluids, for cell, seed and insect culture
Our Microplate sealing products are produced from stringently selected tapes

We work closely with OEMs, form initial product concept through to component supply or actual product design. Innovation and years of experience help us identify new Biomedical products and methodologies, simplify your existing products and processes and achieve cost effectiveness without compromising quality.

Our OEM service includes extensive documented testing and, naturally, you are assured of total confidentiality.


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