PolarSeal Open Doors to New 4000 Square Foot Production Area within Existing Carlton Facility

Posted Thu, 29th September 2016

PolarSeal Open Doors to New 4000 sq ft production area within Existing Carlton Facility

It’s a proud moment for the flexible material conversion specialists, as PolarSeal  open doors to new 4000 sq ft production area within existing Carlton facility. The widely-accredited company recently announced the opening of a brand new  production area housed within their existing Carlton premises. Which occupies units 34-36 of the Carlton Park Industrial Estate. The new production area will allow the company to expand upon their current offerings, which include the production and supply of advanced woundcare and diagnostic products, as well as high performance tape solutions for the aviation and automotive markets.

The state-of-the-art production facility incorporates a dedicated and fully-controlled clean working environment designated for the fabrication of diagnostic components, as well as an air-conditioned area designed for component analysis and verification.

The entire production area was carefully constructed using non-fibrous materials throughout. In order to remove any possibility of product contamination as a result of fibrous deposits/residue. Moreover, production materials themselves were also preconditioned for use in areas where specific qualities were required.

In order to keep the movement of personnel and materials to a minimum. So that we can improve upon both the safety credentials and efficiency of the new production area. Automation has been incorporated into many aspects of the facility’s daily operations, here at PolarSeal. This helps to further streamline operations while improving upon the general effectiveness of the spacePolarSeal Open Doors to New 4000 sq ft production area within Existing Carlton Facility


Surgical film based products manufactured by Polarseal are skin friendly using a high polyurethane material for applications such as incision films, OP strips and fixation tapes.

Why The Expansion?

The decision to expand upon the existing Carlton premises as opposed to establishing a separate facility is a logical one, as the Carlton Park Industrial Estate benefits from easy access to major routes such as the nearby A12. The close proximity of complementing departments will also benefit the company when it comes to productivity and general efficiency, as various teams and departments will be able to easily communicate and collaborate with each other to ensure the best results on any given project.

The new production area is fully compliant with all relevant legislation and is built to the same high standard maintained throughout the company.

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