PolarSeal: The Diverse Manufacturers Leading the Field

Posted Tue, 22nd May 2018

“We take a lot of pride in being the engineer’s dream”.  Says John Rich, senior director of PolarSeal.

The company, whose name is derived from the polar star, Polaris. And their dedication to making sealing materials, often referring to that statement as their motto. Ater a long-time supplier praised them with those exact words. “It refers to our ability to take a project from initial concept and design through prototyping and testing. All the way to the finished product and production”.

Founded in Farnham in 1981. PolarSeal focuses on the design and production of flexible material converting solutions for original equipment manufacturers and big brand names around the world. With their foot in the door of various business sectors, PolarSeal generates its main form of revenue from the medical sector. Thanks to their manufacturing of wound care products, incision films, IV fixation devices and other medical supplies. As a result, their growth in this sector looks set to continue. As well as this, PolarSeal have set their eyes on expansion in the US market.

“There are a number of U.K. converters that have registered with the FDA. But to my knowledge, PolarSeal is the only converter that has successfully completed an FDA audit,” Rich declares proudly.

A part of the reason that the company has become a dominant player in its field. Is thanks to the close relationships that they develop with their supply partners. Such as, their work with Vancive Medical Technologies.Which has helped to provide customers with the best products possible. This is because, their technicians take the time to identify which materials and methods are ideal to meet their requirements. Thus assuring our customers that whatever is produced, is of the highest standard and quality. Ensuring extremely high  customer satisfaction. Something PolarSeal takes a great deal of pride. 


PolarSeal The Diverse Manufacturers Leading the Field

Although their main offices reside in Farnham, PolarSeal actually have two near identical production sites. Located just 150 miles apart – one is located in Surrey town and another in Saxmundham, Suffolk. These two facilities are fitted with the same machinery and capabilities as one another. Offering customers the assurance of their supply demands being met. As well as providing a backup for production should an emergency impact one of the plants.

Also featured on both sites, are custom-made, servo-driven converting machines. Which consistently provide accurate results with precision web control and optical cut-to-register capabilities. In addition to cleanrooms that are maintained to ISO 7. In accordance with ISO 14644-1:1999. In-house laboratories offer spaces for production and quality control where tests are run to ensure that customers receive products of the highest quality.

For the automotive industry, they create adhesive and sealing solutions for electronics systems, airbag assemblies, interior trim, in addition to other components. While they specialise in the production of seals, gaskets, thermal and electrical insulation and weatherproofing materials for the military. Their range of aerospace products includes cargo fire barriers and materials for leading-edge protection and vibration and sound dampening.