PolarSeal and Wearable Health

Posted Tue, 18th February 2020

Picture it: a professional rugby player who is just coming back from a potentially career-ending injury is being treated by his team’s physiotherapists. His leg was horrifically bent backwards in a test match last November and he tore integral ligaments in his knee. After a lot of rehabilitation work, he’s able to walk again, but the team of doctors want to run some diagnostic tests to see where he is in the healing process before letting him go back to training. They put him on a treadmill, but instead of strapping a bunch of electrodes to his body, they just peel off a film and stick something to his leg that he can barely feel.

But hey, that’s a pretty specific scenario. Picture this instead: imagine that you’re treating one of the millions of people living with diabetes. You already know that the monitoring process involves checking blood sugar levels often and having to administer insulin to stabilise levels. What about instead of laboriously taking out all those devices, pricking a finger and going through the whole song and dance, you could simply place a little device on the patient that sticks to their skin and monitors their levels automatically?

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a regular person just like the rest of us, there’s one thing that the medical community values more than anything else: precision. Precision can be the difference between diagnosis and mistake, illness and wellness, or life and death.

Your company may have cornered the market on the latest innovations in terms of wearable technology like athletic rehabilitation or diabetic monitoring, but you know that your tech can’t function properly without clean, precise, and dependable materials to back it up. That’s where PolarSeal comes in.

PolarSeal is at the forefront of adhesive, stick-to-skin solutions for medical technology from monitoring devices to sensors to implant device charging. Our technology enables us to produce strong, flexible, and clinical adhesive solutions for healthcare wearables.

When one thinks about how far medical science and technology has come in the last few decades alone, one can only imagine what the next few years has in store. PolarSeal has been at the forefront of many of these scientific developments after working for over 40 years with medical professionals and companies to source, design, test and manufacture what is now being called ‘wearable technology’.

PolarSeal also boasts the tightest tolerance capabilities in the industry and has access to the highest quality of adhesive material in the medical industry.  As a preferred converter of 3M, Avery Dennison and other adhesive material manufacturers, our access to the entire, global list of options means the optimum solution is always provided.

But medical technology isn’t just about having the best products – any medical professional will tell you that one of the most important aspects of diagnosis is timeliness. Being able to meet deadlines and having the capacity to manufacture large amounts of high-quality products for wearable technology (while maintaining the rigorous standards set by the FDA and ISO 13485 accreditation) is something that PolarSeal is renowned for. It’s important to partner with a business that you can truly depend on.

If you’re looking for end-to-end solutions that offer total peace-of-mind regarding adhesive wearable technology, look no further than PolarSeal. If you’ve got any questions about what PolarSeal’s adhesive solutions can do for your business and your product design, call us today on +44 (0)1252 726000