At PolarSeal we provide solutions encompassing innovation, collaboration and 30 years’ worth of expertise to provide bespoke adhesive components, whilst maintaining the strongest commitment to long-term quality, to stay at the forefront of flexible material conversion.

We provide a number of solutions across a wide range of sectors including the electronics industry. Our broad range of knowledge and expertise leaves you in safe hands, PolarSeal should be top-of-mind when considering your next project with an expert partner providing you with your next cost-effective solution to drive your innovations onward.”

Our solutions:

  • High performance bonding, sealing and insulation solutions
  • Gaskets, seals, Pads and Patches
  • Mounting, insulation and cushioning – to protect from socks
  • Thermal and Electrical Insulation/Conducting
  • Window Bonding
  • Vibration and Sound Dampening
  • Weatherproofing