The Impact of New Product Development on Ostomates

Posted Thu, 9th January 2020

The ostomy components market is due to reach over $3.4 billion this year due to the increasing prevalence of illnesses such as bowel disease and cancer.

This means an increasing number of ostomates are seeking ways in which to live a “normal” life, unencumbered by limitations (perceived or otherwise) created by living with an ostomy bag.

Countless companies across the world are dedicated to helping this cause, such as a company that specialises in a range of ostomy products which look like art and can be worn at almost all times, to harnessing the latest technology to ensure minimal disruption created by the bag.

PolarSeal are innovating the ways in which these bags are manufactured, with the goal of helping ostomates live life as they want to. For instance, we recently formulated a new ostomy specific adhesive, which allowed our customer to stop heat treating their product, decreasing manufacturing costs. We have also co-developed specialist and technologically advanced high tack adhesives for attachment to low surface energy films, increasing the reliability of the bag.

In the not so distant past, achievements such as Glen Neilsen, a man fitted with an ostomy bag successfully climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity were considered near impossible due to the design limitations of a stoma.

PolarSeal has 25 years of experience in ostomy component manufacture and supply

We look forward to a future of participating in new product development and other collaborations within the industry to provide ostomy components and products that are yet to be thought of so that we continue to improve the quality and reliability of this medical device.

If you would like manufacturing or technical support for an idea or requirement that you have for ostomy components or adhesive, we would be very happy to hear from you.  Please contact Matthew Rich our ostomy specialist:

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