NVQ Success for PolarSeal Production Staff

Posted Wed, 31st January 2018

Flexible material conversion specialists PolarSeal, have recently demonstrated their commitment to helping their staff better themselves and their performance. As they Celebrate NVQ success as 4 members of their production team pass their NVQs following successful assessments at the conclusion of their course.

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are a fantastic way to acquire additional skills and knowledge. All while remaining in full or part-time work. With no age limit and no special entry requirement other than holding down a job, these qualifications can be earned in the student’s own time and around current commitments. Which can substantially bolster an employee’s prospects.

While there are very few job roles which will specifically require an NVQ qualification. Businesses which support their staff in such a way are sure to reap some rewards down the line. At the same time, so are the individuals participating in the course. This is why it is always commendable when a company actively supports their workforce. Highlighting the importance in the acquisition of these undoubtedly useful qualifications.

It is really surprising that more companies don’t follow suit and offer their employees the opportunity to work towards an NVQ qualification. And as a result  Polarseal have gained substantial benefits along the way which are clear to see. These benefits reciprocating for both the business and for their individual employees. Alongside the obvious benefits such as the development of new skills and formal accreditation of existing talents and knowledge. Employees will also conclude their NVQ training with a much clearer understanding of their responsibility and role within a company or organisation. Further streamlining any aspects or operations with which they are involved.

PolarSeal celebrate NVQ success



PolarSeal celebrate NVQ success

The benefits of gaining an NVQ

The benefits don’t just stop with the individual employee however. The company as a whole should soon see the merits of properly investing in staff training via NVQ courses.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits to employees, many of which will cross over to provide a boost to the entire company. Employers will also see positives in the form of greatly improved staff performance and motivation, improvements to customer service. As well as a workforce equipped with all the relevant skills and knowledge that is required. Staff retention should also see an increase as your workforce will feel happier and more valued as a result.

2nd batch of NVQ’s completed in surrey branch

Not only have staff achieved this great feat at our PolarSeal branch in Suffolk, a further 2 members of staff at our Surrey branch have also since achieved their NVQ qualifications. Another clear demonstration of hard work and commitment, and dedication to continuous self-improvement.  

Feeling valued and invested in will also help to motivate your workforce, keeping them happy and productive. Over the duration of their course employees will also garner a greater understanding of the latest legislation and best practice, helping you to ensure adherence to all legal requirements.

To be honest there are very few arguments against offering NVQ training to your employees. As well as various arguments for. Companies like PolarSeal are proving that focusing a little extra attention on your staff can generate some highly positive results. Whilst also adding to the prospects of those doing the work. It really is a win-win, so kudos, Polarseal; kudos indeed.