Neil Woodfield Takes on Project Manager Role at PolarSeal

Posted Thu, 19th October 2017

As with any successful and growing business enterprise. Our team here at PolarSeal are constantly striving to expand our operations. To perfect the products and services which we offer to you – our valued clients. Key to this endeavour is the recruitment of a skilled workforce. A professional unit dedicated to providing the very best our industry can offer.

The provision of the very best requires the talents of the very best. And as such we are proud to announce the latest addition to the PolarSeal team in the form of Neil Woodfield, who will be taking on the role of Project Manager.

Role and Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of Mr Woodfield’s new role will include the successful initiation of future projects. Expertly guiding our clients through the planning and design stages so as to ensure the optimum end result. He will be present throughout the project from the aforementioned preliminary stages right through to the physical execution of the project, actively monitoring and controlling the project from start to finish.


Neil Woodfield Takes on Project Manager Role at PolarSeal

Mr Woodfield’s previous experience in related fields marked him as the ideal candidate for the role of Project Manager. Starting out his professional career as a machine operator within the family business, Neil learned first-hand the value of hard graft. Despite his enjoyment of the role, Mr Woodfield was forced to move on following the sale of the company. Subsequently applying his knowledge, experience and practical mind to his first Project Manager role on behalf of commercial blind company Labetts. Mr Woodfield flourished in the role, where his primary responsibilities included meeting with clients, managing surveying operations and purchasing. As well as arranging installation teams, ensuring compliance with health & safety legislation, and closely controlling any costs.

An eight-year run at Labetts was brought to a close when Mr Woodfield took on a similar role for Office Concepts UK. Where he also held the title of Project Manager. In this role Mr Woodfield was able to expand upon his previous experience in a much more varied role. Although his responsibilities remained primarily unchanged save a few industry-specific details.

Throughout his working life Neil has displayed an aptitude for effective management. Routinely proving his ability to provide the very best services without making sacrifices in terms of budget or project completion schedules. We are sure he will continue to display this same level of expertise and control during his time here at PolarSeal. And we very much look forward to introducing our latest addition to our clients both new and existing.