is the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular scale to create materials with remarkedly, varied and new properties. It is a rapidly expanding area of research. With huge potential in many sectors, ranging from healthcare to construction and electronics.

In medicine, it promises to revolutionise drug delivery, gene therapy, diagnostics and many areas of research, development and clinical application. Often referred upon on as nanomedicine. Therapies that involve the manipulation of individual genes or the molecular pathways are increasingly being investigated as an option for treating diseases. Researchers hope this new method will greatly improve the delivery of drugs to treat diseases. For instance, diseases such as cancer, heart disorders and Alzheimer’s.  

Nanotechnology in healthcare

Further research and development in healthcare has the potential to change medical science dramatically. One area of nanotechnology application that holds the promise of providing great benefits for society in the future lies within medicine. And subsequently, development of this new early-stage technology is heavily underway. Nanotechnology is already being used as the basis for new, more effective drug delivery systems. And as a result is in early stage development as scaffolding in nerve regeneration research. Development within this area of research, creates the need for tools and materials that help scientists experiment and develop such treatments.

Our customers turn to PolarSeal for our materials and conversion expertise. Moreover when the challenge is enhancing an existing product; improving product efficiencies; or uncovering a solution that helps them launch a first-to-market innovation. 



What we can offer?

PolarSeal already has experience in a number of sectors within the healthcare industry. One area of expertise regards diagnostic products. PolarSeal has been actively involved in this fast – growing market sector from the start. And now plays a major role in the development and manufacturing of new and innovative production techniques.

By utilising cutting edge bespoke converting capabilities, PolarSeal can provide the die-cutting of these critical products to the tightest tolerance requested. Whilst serving the mass volume required.

Furthermore, prototype products are manufactured using full production machinery to ensure there is a seamless transition from prototype through to full manufacturing runs.

Nanotechnology medical developments over the coming years will have a variety of uses and could potentially save a number of lives. There is no doubting that nanotechnology is going to play a huge part in treating diseases in years to come. And we at PolarSeal are excited to explore further opportunities within this field.