Is Coronavirus impacting the supply of your wound care products?

Posted Wed, 4th March 2020

The output of the Chinese manufacturing sector cannot be understated. China’s output in manufacturing and global supply chains counts for one-quarter of the global total – meaning the effects of the 2020 outbreak of the novel coronavirus are not simply physical in nature: the contagion is seeping its way into the global economy as well.

While the construction, automotive, and telecommunications sectors are all suffering losses due to reduced manpower, travel restrictions, and lockdowns in industrial hubs like Hubei Province, there is no industry that is quite so critically threatened as the medical product supply chain.

Wound care products and supplies, no matter where they come from, must ascribe to two fundamental tenets: they must be sanitary, and they must be plentiful. While we can say that products coming from the Chinese supply chain will definitely not be ‘tainted’ with COVID-19, the far more pressing issue is the disruption in supply. Wound care is one of the most critical aspects of health care, and a decrease in supply will lead to product shortages, diminished profits, and an insecure future. Already, the UK government is placing greater emphasis on centralised stock and local supply chains, as well as requiring businesses to carry out risk assessments on the impact of COVID-19 on their businesses.

While most sources are quick to point out that there does not seem to be any shortages in medicine yet, businesses know that a long-term outlook is always important in assessing risk. We know for sure that this disease is not slowing down – each day more infections are confirmed and the WHO has called on countries to be prepared for a global pandemic. While we certainly do not want to cave in to fear-mongering, businesses have no choice but to assess how such a crippling disease in the heart of industrial China will affect livelihoods in the long-term.

To counter the effects of COVID19 on the supply chain, PolarSeal we have streamlined our process to design, manufacture, and distribute wound care products.

For a business dealing with wound care, that potentially means finding an alternative supply chain outside of China for your business’s products on short notice, and with the capability of high output.

To combat the economic and medical knock-on effects of the novel coronavirus, here at PolarSeal we have streamlined our process in order to design, manufacture, and distribute our wound care products in record time. We understand the realities that Coronavirus has brought to the industry and we know that already that there are several medical companies whose supply chains from China are on hold or at risk of being held up. As a response we have revamped our machine capacity for wound care manufacturing and have increased our staff by 10%, prepping both machines and personnel for double and triple shifts to meet supplier demands.

Global epidemics call for a global perspective. Having our local hospitals, businesses, healthcare providers, and ultimately patients suffer due to a lack of wound care supplies is completely avoidable with a contingency plan in place.

If your company is waiting on wound care products or  supplies from China that have been held up, don’t hesitate: contact PolarSeal today in order to find a fast, effective and reliable solution.  Call us on +44 1252 726000 or email