Car Manufacturer Problem Solved With Tape Solution

As PolarSeal is renowned as a problem solver we come across many different issues that need solutions. To date we can proudly say we have been able to create resolutions to all of these, resulting in the customer satisfaction we strive for at PolarSeal.

One example of this is when a world class, leading car manufacturer approached the team at PolarSeal as they had a problem with one of their bestselling models after a change and update and design of the car. The problem they presented to us, was with heat being transferred from a component by the back wheel arch that caused the rear of the cabin to become hot. On long journeys this also created so much heat that the metal parts around the seats became hot enough to burn if touched by passengers. This created a huge health and safety risk for the company and threatened the production of this car. In turn, it would have led to a huge loss of sales and severely damage the company’s credibility.

Once the team had been briefed on the problem it took days to develop a reflective foil with a self-adhesive backing that would mean it could be easily inserted on the production line without changing any processes already set out. Also it was an inexpensive solution to the problem, it meant that no redesigning had to be done by the automotive company.

Problem Solved With Tape Construction developed by PolarSeal

At PolarSeal we pride ourselves on taking a project through to completion and so the next step for us was to get a prototype right. To complete this to the highest accuracy possible we sent a couple of the team actually onto the production line so they could cut a shape that would not only be easy to apply but that would cover the area that needed to be. With this shape, we could then move onto the next phase of creating a tool that would die cut the part. Within a week the part was being manufactured and sent to the automotive manufacturer. PolarSeal continued with its dedication to customer service and ongoing supply of this product.

Appropriately named ‘The Engineers Dream’ it is clear to see the reason we have been given that title and something we are proud to uphold as part of a key culture within the company. The combination of experience and knowledge has led to many partnerships over the years between the PolarSeal team and its customers.

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