Personal protective equipment Products

PolarSeal supports PPE suppliers and manufacturers with cut-to-size components, custom branded certified products, and a rapid design to production service. This allows PPE brands to rapidly increase their output, expand their range, and maintain a reliable supply to their clients.

PPE Production

Products and services PolarSeal provides to the PPE market include elastic heat-cutting, printing, lamination, and high volume die-cutting, all within our medical production facilities to the highest quality standards. If you have a requirement to ramp up production, contact PolarSeal for a fast, cost-effective bespoke solution.

Manufacturing PPE
Surgical mask


PolarSeal manufacture high volume re-usable and single use products with company and person identification areas.


PolarSeal offer an Own Branding option on a selection of products where person or company identification is applicable.
Polarseal PPE faceshields
Face Shields
Polarseal PPE Type IIR Surgical Mask
Type IIR Surgical Mask
polarseal adhesive eye shield
Adhesive Eye Shield
polarseal FFP3 Face Respirators
FFP3 Face Respirators
Polarseal PPE Foam Goggles
Foam Goggles

PolarSeal manufactures personal protective equipment (PPE) to medical grade device standards with existing QMS including:

EctoVise, a partner of PolarSeal for the manufacturing of high quality PPE.


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