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We work closely with you to research, design, and develop a product suited for the ever-growing personal care market. Combining our contract manufacturing and innovation solutions, we will utilize our expert converting capabilities to get your product market ready. 


PolarSeal’s in-house capabilities allows us to provide a full end-to-end solution for the manufacture, printing and pouching of personal care and feminine care products. Our expansive facilities provides the unique option of housing your machinery as an outsourced operation, managing the entire project.

We deliver cost effective and high volume production solutions to fit the demand of your product, meeting quality and delivery expectations. Our 100% medical market focus allows us to apply our industry knowledge in manufacturing high-end and large quantity orders.

PolarSeal Outsourcing
PERSONAL CARE & continence

PolarSeal contract manufactures personal care closure systems for the wider healthcare market including youth, male, and female markets. Combining pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA’s) with standard and innovative closure systems and multiple layer materials including super absorbents to develop and manufacture functional, comfortable and high performing personal care products.

Some products include:

Personal care contract manufacturing - PolarSeal
FEMinine care

PolarSeal’s in-house converting and contract manufacturing facilities enables us to provide full solutions for femcare brands. Our teams work closely with you to design, develop, or simply manufacture a pre-existing product. We take careful consideration of the release papers, adhesives, backing materials and absorbents require to construct and manufacture a high performing ‘market ready’ feminine care product.

Some products include:

Sanitary pad and menstrual tampon

We handle the entire process to ease the stress of sourcing several providers for your personal care product. To make your journey with us a seamless and stressless one, PolarSeal works with you to source the best adhesives and materials and manufacture final products. Furthermore, we will pouch your finished products, provide own branding printing services, and finally pack and distribute. We manage the whole process so you can focus on your core business activities while PolarSeal gets your products ready for market inception.

PolarSeal Continuous Collaboration

Case Study

PolarSeal provides an outsourcing solution, bringing your entire process in-house, monitored by experienced and trained operators. We have previously enabled a femcare brand to scale up production rapidly by bringing their machinery into our cleanroom facilities and handling the entire manufacturing process.

Personal Care Converting & Contract Manufacturing

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