Annual Staff Day

Posted Wed, 4th January 2017

At the end of a record growth year, the directors wanted to personally thank all of the staff together! At an off-site location halfway between our two production sites.  Starting off with a full breakfast the staff were arranged into teams to proceed with the day.  Next came an overview of the company from the beginning to the present day. Before being followed by a revisit to the core values and mission of PolarSeal.  The remainder of the day consisted of a 2016 review and working out how we can strive to be even better in 2017.  

Throughout the day everybody took part in a variety of teambuilding activities. These were highly competitive activities which included making free standing towers from spaghetti sticks and marshmallows. To then seeing who could make a plane that would fly the furthest.  The determination and co-ordination in each team really was a demonstration of our core culture here at PolarSeal. Helping us to recognise that our team spirit gives us a unique competitive edge.  

Following a first class lunch; the afternoon was time for us to recognise key staff achievements throughout the year. with prizes and certificates being presented to the members of the team that went those extra miles in 2016.  Overall, it was a highly motivating and enthusing day that rounded off 2016. Providing with us 

and got us ready to be the world class, winning team of 2017. 

Annual Staff Day